Before and After Blog Series #1: Chemical Peel

AmazingCosmetics B&A Blog Series! 

We are super excited to introduce our new Before and After blog series! Over the next few weeks we will be posting great examples of how AmazingCosmetics has helped enhance natural beauty and create flawless looks. Our first example shows how AmazingCosmetics came to the rescue after a chemical peel. We know that chemical peels probably aren't a part of your daily routine but we all have problems with rosacea, dry skin and redness! Here's what Sherri had to say about her experience: 


The Day After 


Yesterday I went for my very first chemical peel. OUCH! I am not one for pain, but hey, I’ll do anything in the name of beauty. 

As you can see from my before photo, the peel left me more than “a little” red. What’s a girl to do? Well, luckily I have in my bag of tricks Hollywood’s go-to brand for the “flawless face,” AmazingConcealer. What a difference it made!

The AmazingConcealer has always been my favorite and today it did not disappoint! I love my little black tube because no matter what the challenge it always delivers.

 …so after a few aspirin, drinking lots of water and slathering on the aloe I can’t wait to see my new skin revealed!



Products used: AmazingCosmetics Anti-Aging Face Primer to moisturize and calm skin, AmazingCosmetics VelvetMineral Liquid Foundation in Medium Golden, AmazingCosmetics AmazingConcealer in Dark Beige, AmazingCosmetics VelvetMineral Pressed Powder Foundation in Medium Golden, and AmazingCosmetics Powderset to finish off the look.