Halloween Tutorials

Halloween is approaching fast, have you found your costume? For those of you who need a little more inspiration, we found a few amazing videos to share:


Michelle Phan, known for her extensive beauty tutorials and transformations, shows you how to transform into a Barbie in this video for Halloween. In the tutorial she uses her “favorite” and “must have in my makeup bag” concealer - AmazingConcealer! If transforming into a Barbie isn’t your style, she also does a (slightly easier) Snow White makeup tutorial in which she says AmazingConcealer is “The only concealer I use, I swear by this tiny tube. It's a miracle in a tube.”

Promise Phan (Michelle Phan’s sister-in-law) is also a makeup maven but is known more for her amazing makeup transformations. In this tutorial she turns into Angelina Jolie and uses our Powder Foundation:



For those of you who want to see our color products in action, check out this video where Promise uses our Peach blush and transforms into princess Jasmine from the Disney classic Aladdin.