The Inner Princess In All Of Us.



I think every woman at one time or another had a stint in her youth playing dress-up and becoming a princess. You know-walking around in our mother’s high heels and carrying a scepter aka… a ruler.

We presided over the kingdom aka… the basement or backyard if this fairytale played out on a warmer day. It was fun to dream about castles, jewels, Prince’s, servants..ah hem. Anyway, but could you imagine “princess” as your occupation in real life? Prince William registered his royal off spring last week and for Dad and Mum’s occupation he wrote… Prince and Princess.

Well at least for us girls with no royal lineage makeup allows us to play “dress-up” well beyond childhood. Whether we’re channeling Mad Men’s Betty Draper or Ginger from Gilligan’s Island- I think I just dated myself- with just a strategic sweep of eye liner and a sultry red lip color you can quite easily turn into someone else for the day…or night. And the best part? And when all is said and done we get to wash it all away and dream of castles and Prince’s once more.