Plastic surgery- does it really turn the clock back enough?


Like for many of us, mornings are a crazy time. Over the past 12 years I've helped 4 children get ready and out the door on time for school (well most of the time) And there is zero time to sit down and casually read through a newspaper..unless you're my husband- but we won't go there.


So enter The TODAY show. National news, local news breaks, what's trending today, what celebrity named their son a direction (really?)...they have it all, AND I can get myself ready for work while taking it all in. And my constantly referencing and even sometimes quoting Dr. Nancy...well, all I can say is- I'm working on it.


So this past week...on said show, they did a story on plastic surgery and how according to a new study published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery the average amount of “years saved” is only three. Of course some Plastic Surgeons strongly disagreed with the results saying removing 3 years is more in the territory of a spa treatment and not plastic surgery.


What ever the case or study may be, today more then ever- women are looking at all the options. From firming treatments and laser resurfacing to botox and fillers. Less invasive options are also gaining popularity - extreme facials, peels,expensive skincare routines and now even hybrid color cosmetics that help even out your complexion while they boost collagen production long term. Wow, we've coma along way baby.


Truth be told...whether someone else thinks you look younger by 3,4 or maybe even 7 years really doesn't matter if you feel better about the way you look.


Like the old saying goes- Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.