Makeup: May Flowers


Mother Nature has brought us a lot this spring. We have seen the changing of seasons, the emergence of sunlight and warmth, April showers, and now May flowers. You will see that the colors of May are extravagant, diverse, and bright. Go ahead, take a look outside sometime and let your observations inspire you. You may have noticed that the colors of May and this year’s spring beauty trends have a lot in common. It's time to spice up your daily makeup with some pops of spring colors! 


Purple Eyes

Radiant Orchid is the 2014 Color of The Year and although orchids bloom throughout the year, purples are very prevalent this spring. Lilacs, scillas, and irises are not only three of the more popular and beautiful flowers of May, but they also highlight the purple element that spring makeup trends have captured. Incorporate these shades of purple in your eye shadow this May. If you need a starting place, check out our Plum Suede Collection. This perfect palette of plum tones is sure to make your eyes pop.


Orange Lips

It seems the most popular spring makeup trend has taken a page right from the Tulip’s guidebook. Vibrant, electric orange lips have become the must have look this spring. Just look around, you can find tulips, rhododendron and peonies that have all incorporated this color into their spring appearance.


Ethereal Eyes

The month of May calls for Lily of the Valley, the birth flower of the month. The plant’s bright, beautiful, white blossoms have a direct relationship to the newest beauty trend this spring. The use of ethereal eyeshadow and liner has become as much of a statement for the month of May as the flower of the month. Be sure to rim the inner corners of your eyes and even create a cool cat-eye across the top of the lids to truly grasp one of this spring's hottest trends. 


Pop of Green

Don’t forget about all the green this spring. Sure, you can find lush greens and vegetables, but remember flowers have a stem. Rather than focus on solely the colors of a flowers pedals, use the entire plant as a source of your beauty inspiration. Add a pop of green to your flower inspired makeup with some green eye shadow or if you are not feeling as adventurous, try integrating greens into your nail polish.



Above all, take a look at all the flowers and plant life around you this May. Notice all the different shapes, colors, and sizes of the vegetation. Even individual flowers like rhododendron, peonies, tulips, and camellias come in at least five different colors. Use this as a reminder that variation is key, just like our blush collection that comes in seven fun shades. The ability to mix and match, try new looks, and experiment with colors will allow you to truly enjoy the best makeup trends this spring!