Weekend Bliss


Ok, so I like ... no I LOVE my Sunday mornings. I get to use my tall "weekend" coffee mug unlike my smaller "weekday rush out the door one." The Today Show weekend edition airs which is far better then weekday episodes. I even have time to make a legitimate breakfast, work out and lay in my comfy bed for a good long time…ahhhhhhh. Oh and the Pièce de Résistance’... I get to catch up with my beloved magazine subscriptions.


Coastal Living for my ‘All Things Coastal’ obsession.Traditional Home for my love of decorating and one of my favorites for a fashion and beauty fix…Glamour! Cindi Leive – love her! There's something in each issue for everyone. Beauty must-haves, health, fashion trends, interesting interviews and the “Do's and Don’ts” pages, which help keep me in the "Do" column! 


The May issue of Glamour was a little… no… a lot more special to us as AmazingCosmetics was mentioned in a really cool piece on Professional Makeup Artists inBeauty 101! In this segment professional makeup artists were asked what makeup and cosmetics they use personally. They can get their hands on just about any product so when they choose to use AmazingCosmetics for themselves and their celebrity clients…now that’s saying something!


Amy Tagliamonti, head of makeup for the ever-popular “Gossip Girl” (I never missed an episode and proud of it), created the ‘Glowy’ looks on Blake Lively and the rest of the gorgeous cast. Now Tagliamonti is continuing her magic on Anna-Sophia Robb for the “Carrie Diaries” series and also works at “Saturday Night Live” on weekends. Does this woman even sleep?


Amy has praised our AmazingConcealer explaining that it provides, "Perfect Coverage" and is "Genius at covering dark circles." Those of us that wouldn’t leave the house without our AmazingConcealer can totally relate. I may do without eye shadow, or a bronzer or even lipstick…but go without my magic eraser?! Ummmm… no way.


Be sure to catch Glamour’s very own Ms. Leive’s as she sits down to interview Elizabeth Banks, you don’t want to miss it. She’s has an extremely open personality and extremely funny off-screen too. Don’t worry she’s got some great advice for you too!


Until next time,