The F Word - Failure


Why does the idea of failing paralyze us from grabbing all the gusto that we can out of life? Because we let what we think other people might believe about us reaching for our dreams stop us dead in our tracks. Over the years and to this day I wonder where I’d be if I had chosen to not take that leap. Oh, was I afraid? You bet but I was more afraid of what my life might look like if I did nothing and it wasn’t pretty. Starting a business and being 14 years in is a confidence builder like none other. One of our missions here at Amazing is to hopefully show others that they are powerful and strong. We try to lead by example and hope that every once in a while we offer someone the wherewithal to be bold, throw caution to the wind and get busy living a meaningful and rich life on their own terms.


My partner and I decided from day one that we’d just do it. Sure we researched and analyzed and pondered but we never let all that bog us down from getting up each day, coming into the office and just doing something that we felt was moving our dream a little bit forward, inch by inch. Then those inches became feet and well, you get the picture. Another interesting thing began to happen too. I started realizing that every time I set a relatively achievable goal and attained it my goals became more exciting and more meaningful. We began to realize success like we never dreamed of. At the same time we were receiving support from all over. Others truly do want to do everything possible to encourage the underdog. Of which we were and actually still are. The landscape in the world of beauty is competitive to the point where its mindboggling but when you’ve got good people in your corner, on your team and an amazing hero product you really can’t complain. This business has allowed me to travel to places, meet people and experience joy like I would have never been able to imagine. But back to the F word. I’m glad I found the strength to ignore it.




- Lisa