April Fashion: Dealing with April Showers

We all know April showers bring May flowers. But, April showers provide the chance to bring depth to an outfit and show off your inner fashionista. Just like any outfit, attire on a rainy day has its essentials. Everything from the umbrella down to the footwear has a purpose when completing an entire outfit.




The umbrella may be the most important aspect of your rain gear. They are essential because they are cute and functional at the same time. Attempt to create some coordination with the patterns or colors of the umbrella with other aspects of the outfit. Since staying dry is the most important function of an umbrella, it is important to have multiple at your disposal. One for your car, one at work and another at home will not only keep you prepared, but gives you the chance to interchange your umbrellas with various outfits.




Unfortunately umbrellas are really good at hide and go seek, which means you need the right coat for a rainy day. Depending on the downfall, you can choose from raincoats, rain jackets, trench coasts, ponchos, or parkas. It is nice to have a couple different styles of jackets to match a certain outfit as well as the weather outside. When selecting a coat, it is important to understand the difference between waterproof, water repellant and water-resistant. While a jacket that waterproof is rain worthy and able to repel nonstop precipitation, both water-resistant and water repellant have their limitations. Water-resistant and water repellant materials can withstand a light drizzle, but not a drenching. However, water repellant separates itself from water-resistant because it causes the rain to form into miniature beads when it hits the fabric, helping to keep you bone-dry! 




Similar to the use of a raincoat, the choice of footwear is also linked to your style preferences as well as the weather outside. With options like rain boots, rain moccasins, rubber rain ballet shoes or rubber rain wedges, you are sure to find suitable footwear. But it is important to make sure they are a statement piece that can handle the weather. Let your footwear bring some brightness to a rainy day. Whether wearing the casual elongated rubber boots with a solid bright color or a fashionable, trendy waterproof boot that resembles leather, this is an opportunity to mix and match your outfit from head to toe.




If you are dressed appropriately for the rain, your makeup should not be an issue. However, as we know, things happen. With that said, applying various forms of water-resistant cosmetics can help during this time of need. Fortunately two of AmazingCosmetics staples, VelvetMineral Liquid Foundation andAmazingConcealer, are both water-resistant and ready to embrace the rainy day. And most importantly, ALWAYS remember to wear your water-proof mascara! 


Just remember that a rainy day doesn't have to be a gloomy one! Always have fun with your fashion and beauty routines, rain or shine.