Travel Savvy Beauty Tips


Traveling. It’s that extended period of time as you wait to get from one destination to another. Maybe you’re venturing to a tropical beach half way across the world or just trying to get home from a hectic business trip, either way it takes its toll. With the TSA and airport security taking extreme precautions to ensure a travelers safety, it can be quite the challenge to bring the proper beauty products that fit within the regulations or your carry-on. All I want to do is travel in peace and make the trip as simple and care free as possible. Just get me there already! With these quick and easy tips for inflight procedures and last second touch ups, you will hop off that plane looking and feeling great!



During your flight, the pressurized cabin dehydrates your skin leaving you yearning for moisture. Be sure to act the night before by moisturizing! In addition, using a primer that also hydrates your skin the day of your flight, like the Amazing Anti-Aging Primer, will help to leave you fresh and ready to jump off the plane and head to any meeting (or hopefully to the beach).


Ever get puffy under eyes after a long flight? Simply ask a flight attendant for a cup of ice and a napkin. By holding ice under your eyes, the swelling will go down and you will immediately feel fresher.



Your cozy neck pillow is essential to help you sleep on that 4 hour (14 hour!?) flight. Thing is, the headrest tends to leave your hair a static mess so make sure you bring a brush and dry shampoo. This will give your hair a just-washed scent while adding additional volume.


Also, during the flight put your hair into a low ponytail or messy bun. This can help ease the battle between your hair and the headrest. If all else fails, a beret, cloche hat, or European scarf can help you achieve a put together look.



Avoid wearing mascara during your travels, god forbid you fall asleep (hello raccoon eyes…). Instead, simply apply mascara before you leave the plane to avoid the how-did-I-get-mascara-on-my-chin-look


Color is sure to brighten up your look after a long, grueling flight and your lips are the perfect location. Skip the long lasting lipsticks as they usually dehydrate your lips. Instead, try lip stain and finish with lip-gloss. You can apply the lip-gloss towards the end of the flight to make sure everything looks fresh.


Feeling even more exhausted as you touch down then when you took off? AmazingConcealer is perfect for any last minute touchups and hiding those pesky under-eye circles created by the stresses and lack of sleep during your travels; AKA the screaming child behind of you who kicked your seat half the trip.



Planes do not necessarily smell great, nor do the passengers inside. The solution: miniature fragrance rollerballs or solid perfumes.  L'occitane Solid Perfume has received praise from numerous beauty experts and bloggers. Some have even put a bit of the solid perfume underneath their nose to mask the surrounding odors.


You can’t make the plane go faster, cut the layover time in half or even quiet down the screaming baby. However, traveling properly and prepared for the beauty obstacles that lie ahead will make the trip a lot smoother.