Getting Through the Madness: A Woman’s Guide to the NCAA Tournament


Spring is finally here. It’s that time of year where we can all stop hibernating inside our homes to venture outside and enjoy the weather once again. The sun has emerged and the snow has melted (well, almost). While Mother Nature has brought the changing of seasons Father Time has brought us the great month of March and the Madness it brings to basketball fans across the county. If you haven’t quiet captured what I am referring to, I am talking about the NCAA Tournament also known as the “Big Dance”.


Once your bracket has been finalized, its time for the madness to begin. For the next 3 weeks college basketball will be aired on CBS, truTV, TBS, and TNT. From dusk till dawn, almost 70 basketball games will played over the duration of the 3 week tournament. This means that when your male friends aren’t eating, sleeping or working, if they are even doing that at work, they will be watching the festivities of March Madness. You may be thinking, “How can all the men pile into bars or in front of a flat screen and watch game after game for weeks at a time?” We’re still not exactly sure… but chances are you might be around your husband, son, boyfriend or friends when they are engrossed in this phenomenon so why not learn a little bit about the game and (bonus) how to look stylish while watching!


Marie Claire gives a great little crash course in some of the terms and rules regarding March Madness to make sure you can talk some game with the guys. Our favorite term we use to impress the men? Cinderella, it’s a term used for a team that goes much farther in the tournament than expected.


Enough about the game, lets get on to the fashion! Sick of wearing your man’s lucky jersey that he hasn’t washed since last season anytime you watch a game together? Or, wearing the college tee and a pair of jeans has gotten a little old? Well you are absolutely right. It turns out you can be sleek and sporty while reppin’ your team all at the same time.


For starters, instead of heels try wearing some stylish flats, some city sneakers or even a pair of flat boots for a more refined look. Refinery 29 has taken the liberty of creating 5 outfits that are perfect for the games regardless of the location or time of day.


The month of March brings spring, but also the madness. It is time to go join the "Big Dance" with some new lingo and sense of style.