Dressing for Your Age?



So who hasn't seen the plentiful fashion advice articles about dressing for your age? ...Anyone?


I'm choosing to believe that all those thoughtful writers and bloggers are doing so to help a girl out. Well… all I can say is, “Stop being so helpful!”


20's - You all can wear...well...anything. Did you know that? Well thank goodness you read that article that told you that you could. HELLO, your 20 and willing to take some fashion risks, duh... So why not?


30's - You may or may not have had a child, check. You may or may not work full time, check. You love to look good, but paleeze... Stay in your 30 something (loved that television series) box and dress…well… appropriate for your age.


40's - You gals have it the easiest, right? Well into your careers, you've got the kid thing down...or not, and you have some extra money to keep you in vogue. You are in great shape because you put your time in busting your butt. Just remember... You are 40 something now and ...well...you know what that means.


50's - That's you...yep… you! I’ll try and speak slower. Too much? Well ok, but my point is this...


Aren’t we all quite capable of deciding for ourselves what we should be wearing? It’s simple really; wear clothes that make us feel... Great! Confident! Sexy! Do we really need some person telling us that at a certain age our hemlines need to drop and our bare arms need go MIA? I've noticed over the past 20 years we women have come a long way in the world of style. It’s a fun, exciting fashion journey that will take us through great fashion choices as well as some not so great ones. But in the end, is it life threatening if we strike out on a few trends?


I recently read a story about Sarah Jessica Parker in InStyle magazine. I’m a HUGESex and the City fan. I bought the entire series so I can watch my girls whenever I want. It’s my go-to when I’m feeling under the weather. Or… when I have to pack…or…clean out a closet…or…ok, ok, so I liked the show! So, as you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to flip through the magazine to start reading. They asked her a variety of questions about her career, motherhood, family and then she was asked about age appropriate attire. She replied, ”Forget it - women should wear what makes them feel good”.


Attagirl Carrie