2014 Spring Makeup Trends


We’re sick of this cold weather! Thankfully for us, beauty and fashion are always ahead so we already know what Spring trends are heading our way! We decided to pick out our favorite makeup trends and add a few thoughts, tips and how-tos. Our #1 tip for all of the following makeup trends is to practice practice practice!

Trend 1: Orange lips. Although this is technically a 'Spring’ makeup trend it has already hit Hollywood in full force and it looks Amazing (on any skin tone!). Our advice is to choose an orange lipstick with more red-tones for an everyday look (instead of yellow-toned runway orange). Complete the look with a smooth face (we recommend our VelvetMineral Loose Powder foundation for a fresh look), neutral eyes and a classic bold eye liner.

Trend 2: Blue eyeshadow. Don’t worry, we’re not going full circle back to the 80’s (ok, maybe just a little). Blue and light pink pair wonderfully, so rock this bold color (not all the way up to your eyebrows!) with a natural blush and pink lip (try our Elizabeth lip color!) for a completed look.


Trend 3: Cat-eyes. This trend is tough to achieve but the key is practice! Here’s our favorite tutorial by Pin Up Beauty. If you’re still having trouble, try using an angled brush and black eyeshadow (instead of a gel or liquid liner) to get the right shape and then cover the eyeshadow with liquid liner to create a bold effect. (Hint: if you don't have an angled eye brush, anangled brow brush works too!)

Trend 4: White eyeshadow and liner. Don’t worry, everyone can rock this look! Choose a white eyeshadow that is buildable (one that isn’t highly pigmented) so you can adjust the opacity with each layer if you don’t want a bright white eye-look. For the full white eyeshadow effect, tightline your lower lash line with white liner but for a more subdued effect use a nude-colored liner. Pair this look with a light pink lip (try our Sandy Lip Gloss!) for an overall ethereal look.

Trend 5: Glowing skin. Flawless skin is always in! To achieve the ‘glowy’ look, only apply setting powder (Check out this fun demo of our Powder Set!) in your T-zone to control oil but leave cheeks with a dewy glow. Pair with a no-makeup makeup look (mascara, eyebrows and sheer lip gloss) for the perfect finish. 

We hope you enjoyed our tips for Spring makeup trends! Stay tuned for more updates on the makeup industry.