Be My Amazing Valentine - Spotlight on Sue!


Learn more about our Amazing co-founder Sue! 


Name: Sue Katz

Tell me something you love about AmazingCosmetics: I love that we are a small group of women from Libertyville IL who are able to make a huge group of women from all over the world look and feel AMAZING!

How long have you worked for Amazing? Since its inception

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working? I love to watch my daughter play softball and basketball. I also love to hang out with family and friends over good food and a football, basketball or softball game on TV. My husband and I joke about starting a softball network!

Favorite color? Patina green, it reminds me of my grandmother

Favorite animal? I really love all animals. I could never work at an animal shelter, I’d take them all home!

Best childhood memory? One of the best times I remember was in the summer, I’d run in to slam down dinner so I could get back out to night games with the kids in our hood. We had a great neighborhood!

The perfect weekend? Galena, IL—so beautiful and relaxing

First spring trend purchase? I’m reading that this year the color is blue. I can’t wait to wear a blue and white striped shirt, white jeans and cute flats with a vibrant blue scarf. Spring can’t come soon enough!

Favorite AC product? I can’t live without my AmazingConcealer but of course I love ALL of our fabulous products!

If you were a super hero, what would be your super power? Super Healer

Who inspires you? Why?  I am so inspired with people who just go and do something unselfish and generous without the need for anyone to know.

Who's your special valentine? Michael Jay Katz XOXO