Be My Amazing Valentine - Spotlight on Kris!


Learn more about our Amazing Kris! 


Name: Kris Cauble

Tell me something you love about AmazingCosmetics: It was founded by women and has flourished under the leadership of women. That’s girl power at its BEST!

How long have you worked for Amazing? 6 years

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working? Read a good book

Favorite color? Purple, always has been

Favorite animal? Dogs and Horses

Best childhood memory? Summer days swimming, riding my bike and playing kickball with the neighbor kids without a care in the world!

The perfect weekend? Great company, good food and no chores!

First spring trend purchase? A hot pink trench coat

Favorite AC product? Brow Gel, it helps me keep my unruly eyebrows in place!

If you were a super hero, what would be your super power? Teleporting: It would allow me to help where needed, spend time with family and friends in good times and bad. On a personal note, I would never have to endure air travel again!!

Who inspires you? Why? My children: they make me be a grown up and keep me young at the same time. 

Who's your special valentine? My husband, we will be spending our 24th Valentine’s Day together this year.