Be My Amazing Valentine - Spotlight on Nancy!



Learn a little more about our Amazing CEO - Nancy!


Name: Nancy Sawle Knobloch
Tell me something you love about AmazingCosmetics: The concealer WORKS! It takes five years off my age. How can you not LOVE that?!

How long have you worked for Amazing? 7 Months

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working? Cooking or baking for my family. LOVE great quality food.

Favorite color? Red (Had a red sports car!)

Favorite animal? My dog (Bentley)

Best childhood memory? Playing cards with my sisters and brothers late into the evening after all the farm work was done for the day.

The perfect weekend? Do something that was not planned but turns out to be a really great adventure; could be a show, museum, or checking out a new little shop but ALWAYS wearing my Amazing concealer.

First spring trend purchase? A floral dress and a metallic shirt

Favorite AC product? Definitely the concealer BUT, I think our new (soon to be launched) eye primer will soon be my fav!!

If you were a super hero, what would be your super power? Eliminating poverty and providing support to families in need.

Who inspires you? Why? My mom. She appreciates everything and the little things make her very, very happy.

Who's your special valentine? My husband Barry, the love of my life and the most gentle soul I have ever known. Love him to death.