An Amazing Film

With Awards Season in full swing, we thought this would be the perfect timing to talk about a film we’re really looking forward to: Finn & the Sea of Noise. The film, directed by the nephew of AmazingCosmetics owner Lisa Thurman, is a feature length, coming of age film that was created in the Chicago area. 

The official description reads: As Finn slips back into a groove of mindless parties, sunburn, and hangovers, he lets his life take a mind-numbing vacation. But when he’s confronted with death first hand, he takes a new outlook on life, remembering his endless dreams and goals from when he was young. 

Finn & the Sea of Noise - Teaser fromRYAN OHM ▲ onVimeo

We’re so glad to be able to support young filmmakers as they carry out their passion and thrilled that AmazingCosmetics makeup is used on all of the actors in the film! And what better way to spend a warm and cozy night in (because who wants to go outside in this weather?) than watching independent films! We hope you enjoy the trailer of Finn & the Sea of Noise and eagerly wait with us for it's release.