A Christmas Wish


Well it’s only befitting that the company that started around a kitchen table celebrated around one for the annual Amazing Christmas party. 13 years ago the kitchen table at co-founder Sue Katz’s house was the spot in which the early AmazingCosmetics products were created on. 


The AmazingConcealer was the first-born - aren’t they always the favorite? ;) 


First 5 shades, then 7, then 10 and now 20 shades later – the iconic AmazingConcealer has risen to “Rock Star” status getting woman flawless in 6 countries! 

Who’d have thought that 2 women from Chicago armed with the idea that not a good, but an amazing concealer, could change the way you feel about yourself when you looked into the mirror. 

We are fortunate to get a nice share of beauty editor praise as well as praise from beauty influencers, celebrities and professional makeup artists and we could not be more grateful. But, it’s the personal phone calls and emails that you won’t read about in Allure or InStyle that have truly touched me since I started my career with Amazing. We receive so many thank you calls and emails from women that have skin imperfections (don’t we all!). From dark circles and blemishes to blotchy skin-tone and broken capillaries. No matter who they come from the message is always the same, “Thank you AmazingCosmetics for making products that truly work!”. I had a woman once tell me that she was so plagued by her dark circles she wore tinted glasses all the time and didn’t even need to wear glasses! Another story I’ll never forget - I ran into a women in LA at an in-store beauty event - she was attractive, successful and literally piled on layers of her foundation to erase her dark circles and uneven skin tone. After we removed all of her makeup I simply dotted on some AmazingConcealer, blended it and handed her a mirror. She kept saying, “Where’s the redness?” and, “Where are my circles?” 

I have to say, in a competitive industry like the beauty biz, I’m so happy to be a part of an independent cosmetic company devoted to bringing out products that truly work. 

With so many out there searching for “hope in a jar”, I’m ecstatic we’ve got “magic in a tube”!

Cheers to an amazing 2014!