2014 Makeup Resolutions


Have you been keeping up with your New Years Resolutions so far? According to most studies the majority of resolutions will be abandoned within two weeks after the New Year begins. So in order to keep you on track (and keep ourselves on track!) we’ve decided to share a few of our 2014 Makeup Resolutions and tips and tricks on how to keep them.

1. Clean all (yes, all) of our makeup brushes every 2-3 weeks. It seems like a daunting task, but when you remember that dirty brushes contain old makeup, oil, dirt, bacteria and dead skin, can cause you to break out and won’t apply makeup to their best ability it’s easier to remember. There are many brush shampoos (such as Sephora’s Daily Brush cleaner) that you can purchase in store but you can also use various household items such as bar soap, baby shampoo and liquid dish soap (check out this nifty video guide). If part of your resolution is to refine your brush-washing technique, check out this easy tutorial - we prefer the swirl, soak and rinse method. For those of you who prefer to spot clean,here’s a great tutorial.

2. Vow to remove all makeup every single night before bed. This one should be kept with no exception as leaving makeup on overnight is horrible for your skin (we even wrote a blog on keeping your skin healthy - we’re serious!). Running out of makeup remover is no excuse: coconut oil and olive oil work great as substitutes. If you’re the DIY type we found a few recipes so you can make a big batch using natural ingredients.

3. Use up makeup before buying more. Ok, this one is a ‘looser’ resolution (who can resist new makeup?!) but we’re still working hard to keep it. Multi-purpose products will be your best friend. Our Cinnamon Spice blush can be used in 3 different ways: aseyeshadow, a lip color andblush. You can also use your lipstick as blush, use your concealer as highlighter and your mascara as an eyeliner.

4. Throw away old and expired makeup. Using makeup past its prime is an invitation for a breakout. Know when your makeup expires but always be on the lookout for not-so-nice smells or a change in texture or color at all times. Also throw out eye makeup (mascara and eyeliner) after an eye infection.

5. Improve our eyeliner game. Winged eyeliner is going to be huge this year so we might as well start practicing now! There are many guides for winged liner but here are a few tips: apply your winged liner from the outside in, use tape for a clean wing and be sure to follow the natural shape of your eye. If you’re looking for other ways to experiment with eyelinercheck out this fun list from BuzzFeed.

We hope you’ve been inspired to keep up your 2014 makeup resolutions! To help you even more, we’ve created a 2014 Makeup Resolutions board on Pinterest so we can keep you (and ourselves) reminded not to quit! We’re excited to see the benefits of these new habits and wish you a makeup-filled and glamorous 2014!