Pantone Color of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid


As 2014 begins we decided to start the New Year with a little color inspiration! Pantone recently announced that the 2014 color of the year is Radiant Orchid. Described as an “enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones”, Radiant Orchid is a rich and vibrant shade that inspires joy, love and health.

Radiant Orchid is unique because of its combination of colors. It goes well with dark shades of purple but also provides great color blocking opportunities with vibrant shades of red. Here are a few suggestions for incorporating Radiant Orchid into your 2014 lifestyle.

Home: If your living space is already decked out for a winter wonderland add a pop of color with Allium flowers in your centerpiece vase. For a more shimmery accents, make a few of these GIY (Glam-It-Yourself) makeup brush holders (we recommend mixing white, silver, purple and a small amount of pink glitter for a shade closer to Radiant Orchid) and put them on display!

Fashion: Bright colors are usually pushed to the back of the closet at this time of year but there are definitely ways to add Radiant Orchid to your winter fashion wardrobe. Try color blocking an orchid top with dark purple pants or a dark purple skirt and adding a simple jewelry piece (good thing this color pairs nicely with both silver AND gold!). If you’re in the mood for a little fashion DIY, we suggest creating your very own braided rope belt usinghand-dyed twine and pairing it with a simple white top and jeans to make the color really pop. Since Radiant Orchid looks great with other vibrant colors, make sure to wear a bright red nail polish when wearing this shade of purple for an amazing color pair!

Makeup: Radiant Orchid can be used in so many different ways in makeup. If you like experimenting with eyeliner, try using this purple in a gradient eyeliner - check out this Amazing tutorial! (Bonus challenge: try the tutorial with gold, blue and green in addition to orchid for a multi-color eye pop!) If you prefer a more subtle eye look, use a matte neutral shade all over the lid, add in your orchid in the outer third of your eyelid and finish with a dark purple in an outer V shape on your creasefor a beautiful purple smokey eye. Don’t know what the ‘outer V’ is? Don’t worry, here’s a nifty guide! Don’t forget to blend blend blend for a smooth color transition!


If you prefer to play up your cheeks, mix a bright pink and plum blush together for the orchid effect. To complete the look, dust on a very light layer of shimmery gold eyeshadow with a nude lip - we suggest Ginger!


Radiant Orchid was recently featured on an episode of Project Runway All Stars where the remaining designers were tasked to incorporate it into their designs along with predicting a fashion trend for the year to come. Check out the finished looks for some color inspiration! 



We're so excited to ring in the New Year with this bright and fun color. Stay tuned for more color reports!