The Perfect Christmas Gift!


By mid-November it begins... "What on earth will I find for my husband for Christmas this year?” He doesn't mean to be difficult - but he is.

He has a great sense of style but hates to shop for and try on clothes. So that means after I venture out searching for the perfect sweater or the perfect sport coat and buy them, it takes begging and sheer bribery just to get him to try them on - sigh. When the clothes don't fit... ya guessed it... I venture back to the stores and do the returning too, or there they hang on the lowest rung in his closet- tags on forever. So, I'd rather not buy clothes at Christmas time.

And the obvious gifts ALL guys (are supposed to) love… like a wallet? Nope - he doesn't carry one. That’s a conversation in itself. Shoes? Gorgeous, leather and useful...maybe a little too useful. Akin to buying me a blender or a new pan for Christmas - can you hear the “huh” from there?

Us gals on the other hand are the opposite. Try and stop us from telling anyone who will listen what we’d love to find under the Christmas tree this year.

At least with all the hustle and bustle that goes along with the Holidays I know I can count on a few health and beauty rituals to help get me through looking confident, well rested and ready for anything. Drink lots and lots of water…trust me, it’s critical to your glowing complexion. Get a facial - ’Hello’ radiant skin! Keep to your workout schedule. I know it gets harder to do this time of year but trust me, you’ll feel stronger and healthier… (That reminds me: Yoga class at 5:00). Masks for face and hair…they work great at restoring moisture. I love Glam Glow for face andBeth Minardi for hair…what a difference masks make! And last but certainly not least- my AMAZINGCONCEALER. There are a few shortcuts I can make to my beauty routine but I can’t imagine not using my concealer. It fakes a good night’s sleep, erases last night and no matter how late the evening takes me, I know my concealer will last as long as I do!!

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Have an Amazing Christmas everyone!



 ~ Sandy