Our Top Six Tips for Healthy Skin


Not only does keeping your skin healthy pave way for a flawless makeup look, it also keeps you (as a whole) healthy. Skin is the largest human organ and is usually the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your body. Small cuts and breaks in the skin can lead to viral infection and the growth of bacteria, and to be frank, unhealthy skin doesn’t make us feel too good both physically and mentally. Listing the benefits of healthy skin would take all day, but aside from keeping you feeling good and looking beautiful, the best benefit is that of good health.


I’m sure you know the basics (moisturize, don’t smoke, get enough sleep and drink lots of water!) but here are our tried and true favorites:

  • Wash your hands first, and your face second. Pretty simple to remember, do you really want whatever last touched your hands to touch our face?

  • Smile! Toned muscles always look better than flabby muscles (and believe us, your face has a lot of muscles - 43 to be exact)

  • Eat colorfully. Brightly colored foods (think bell peppers, raspberries and blueberries) contain antioxidants which help fight against wrinkles

  • Turn down your shower temp! Hot water feels great (especially in the colder weather!) but prolonged exposure to hot temperatures can strip your skin of moisture

  • Oil away! Try adding a few drops of olive oil to your bath for extra skin moisturizing

  • Clean those makeup brushes! We suggest cleaning at least every 2-4 weeks to help stop bacteria and dirt from accumulating

That snow may look pretty, but that cold weather is harsh! Remember that protecting your skin not only makes you look good, but keeps your skin healthy!