Living it “old school”


These days it seems we’ve become obsessed with everyone else’s beauty routine but our own.

I think we’re all hoping that we’ll find out some deep hidden secret as to why “that” girl looks so fantastic. Well sorry to disappoint but that rarely, if ever, happens.

Being in the beauty biz for…well long enough, I’ve learned that new is where it’s at! Products with new names and new ingredients that make new promises are all the rage. Everyone wants the latest and greatest because “new” will surely help us on our quest for smaller pores or firmer skin…or shinier hair…or…..well you get where I’m going with this. But time and time again I’m reminded that “old school” trumps the “newbie.” I’m not saying that there haven’t been breakthrough product innovations over the years in skincare or color cosmetics that have proven themselves winners. What I am saying is the older I get the more I believe that time honored traditions and steadfast beauty ritualsare the real deal.

I just read this great article on Refinery 29How (Exactly) To Look Like A French Girl and just as I suspected it’s not about buying “hope in a jar” but rather finding hope inside of us. Changing our attitude about beauty can literally change the way we lookand the way others see us. So listen to your mother and your mother’s mother when you’re searching for beauty rituals that truly work and then… focus on your attitude because what you think is beautiful is.

And if you’re looking to try something “new” * wink wink * try some of my faves…most of which I learned from my European born Mum J.

1 - Oil for your skin and hair - Slather some on and you’ll see what everyone is talking about. TryCaudalie Vinosource Nourishing Concentrate, $55.01 or Josie Maran Argan Oil, $60.01

2 - Facial Massage - All those sweet smelling creams, lotions and mists are not the only reason your skin looks radiant after a facial silly! The massaging techniques of a great aesthetician gets the blood pumping on your face, neck and décolletage’ helping to create that “just had a facial” glow.

3 - Don’t wash your hair every day - When I was younger I thought, ”how gross” when my Mom would tell me to skip a day…well not anymore. It helps keep the shine and also prevents breakage. And doesn’t hurt to cut down on getting ready time either!

4 - Petroleum jelly - Dry lips? Dry skin? Dry heels? Dry hands? Should I keep going? Dry anything….good ole Vaseline® not only hydrates the dryness but locks in the moisture too. A good friend of mine who has beautiful skin literally coats her face in it before cold weather outdoor activities like skiing or hiking and I can tell works.

5 - Masks - My mom made one for our hair from mayo and olive oil…and it worked! Masks for the face are gaining ground big time and I just purchased GlamGlow’s exfoliating Mud Mask and after one use I liked what I saw!